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        • 12 Drive Quiet Mini Air Impact Wrench with 2 Extended Anvil Tools Equipment

          Radical who refused to compromise

          Juan Branco, May 2019  
          Julian Assange is facing new charges from the United States. ‘A convenient bargaining chip in [Trump’s] war of attrition against the “deep state”’ – as Juan Branco wrote in our May issue – Assange’s (...)
        • BJP wins Indian election

          1200Lb Hand Winch Mooring hook equipped with safety pawl Max Capacity 1200 lbs Christophe Jaffrelot, April 2014
          Despite his disastrous economic and social record, Indian prime minister Narendra Modi and his Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), who have been in power since May 2014, have won this Spring’s general election (...)
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          The EU is a doomed empire

          1258S Padre Grooved Water Pump Pliers 300 Wolfgang Streeck, May 2019  
          European tensions are growing. There is Brexit, a Germany without direction, and nationalist forces that aim to bend the EU to serve their own project.
        • 12-918 Armstrong 1 2 inch Drive Breaker Bar 17-inch

          May: the longer view

          May 2019

          China sits tight on its goldmine

          Olivier Zajec, December 2010
          12pcs 8-19mm Flexible Combination Spanners Ratchet Wrench Tool Set WFP On Monday, President Xi visited a rare earth factory in Guangzhou; now, there is speculation that China will cut off its supply of critical (...)
        • Ecuador’s crackdown on abortion is putting women in jail

          12pcs Flex-Head Combination Wrench Set Ratcheting Duo Metric SAE 2DAY SHIP Open Page Zoë Carpenter
        • 12V Electric Rechargeable Cordless Drill Screwdriver Industrial Handheld Tool

          Iran and the US, a tale of two presidents

          Outside in Camelia Entekhabifard, 21 May 2019
          13 Amp Domestico Fusibile Pacco da 5 Parte N.36862 da Connect - Nuovo Iran and the United States have reached one of the most crucial turning points in their 40-year non-diplomatic relations since Iran’s revolution in 1979.
        • 13 Hand Gun Riveter Kit Tool Pop Sheet Metal Threaded Nut Garage Car Jeep Auto

          Election-meddling follies, 1945-2019

          Open Page Tom Engelhardt • FROM TomDispatch, 21 May
        • 1300 crimpare Attrezzo manuale - crimpare attrezzi & Accessori - attrezzi
          135 N.m 3 8 Digital Torque Wrench Bidirectional ratchet head high accuracy 2%

          Volt, the party that undermines EU democracy

          13mm Polished Chrome Ratcheting Combination Wrench Metric Bolt Nut Outside in Anna Koolstra, 21 May 2019
          Techno-populist parties like Volt wrongly presume they have access to some kind of pre-established political truth.
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        • 14 In 1 Pliers Screwdriver Pitch Gauge Voltage Tester Tools Kit with Case

          Ukraine imposes its own voice

          Nikita Taranko Acosta, May 2019  
          14 Aluminum Pipe Wrench The new president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, is a comic actor and also a Russian speaker, but it’s unlikely that he will roll back his predecessor’s attempts to suppress Russian in public life.
        • Let’s change Europe from the ground up

          144pc ULTIMATE Steel Metal Stamp Punch Set Letter Number Alpha Numeric Emboss Yanis Varoufakis, March 2019
          The DiEM25 manifesto proposes immediate financial changes within the existing structures of the EU, to end austerity and fund a green, and hopefully post-capitalist, future. It operates across the continent.
        • Traditions of the future

          Open Page Astra Taylor
          Pericles’s ancient definition of democracy, on providing for the many, not the few, strikes (...)
        • Terry Gou, Taiwan’s billionaire and political wildcard

          14PC punzón hueco Set Herramienta perforadora cuero, plástico, espuma, Fibra TE Outside in Andrew Wong, 21 May 2019
          A surprise announcement last month catapulted Taiwan’s richest man Terry Gou into the spotlight.
        • Ukraine imposes its own voice

          N. T. A., May 2019  
        • The media and the Mueller report

          Serge Halimi & Pierre Rimbert, May 2019
        • 15 Piece 7 Types of Universal Oscillating Saw Blades Kit Fits Fein Bosch & Other

          Your data is their profit

          1-5 8-In. SAE Jumbo Combination Wrench Sophie Eustache, May 2019  
          151700-0428 ITT Cannon Aircraft Connector gold Contacts Mil Spec Aviation Many women willingly give Doctissimo, the French health info website, their most personal information. Do they know it analyses their profiles then sells marketing opportunities to advertisers?
May 2019
15PC Piece Metric Combination Wrench Set w Roll-Up Pouch Sizes 8mm to 22mm Cr-V Europe reels between Brexit and nationalism; Ukraine’s new voice; Mueller report: the mainstream media; where next for US Democrats? Julian Assange’s long fight; Sudan, democracy after Bashir? China charms Taiwan; Guatemala fights corruption; Chile’s women march; Algeria, football fans protest; Notre Dame, heart of a village...

Gilets jaunes: the French uprising

In the winter of 1997-98, Pierre Bourdieu called an unemployment movement ‘a social miracle’, arguing that its first achievement was its very existence: ‘It wrests the unemployed and with them all precarious workers, whose numbers are growing by (...)

16 universal analog input module, 10K NTC thermistor,Ethernet modbus tcp

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  • First, do no harm

    1pc 4PP220.1043-75 Touch screen Glass Richard Monvoisin & Nicolas Pinsault, 31 March 2019  
    1pc AEROFLEX ASSY335-20694 SP3T SMA RF microwave electronic PIN switch Researchers are discovering more about the power of placebos, but it’s alternative health providers who have fully incorporated them in their business model. Does evidence-based (...) 
  • The Irvings, Canada’s robber barons

    Alain Deneault, 31 March 2019  
    The family made their fortune in oil, and moved to timber, transport, building and retail. They control New Brunswick and are moving across the US (...) 
  • 1pc AMC-184 M A-COM 10-2000MHz 20dB 15V RF Microwave Amplifier

    May: the longer view

    1pc ATT-0290-06-074-02 2W 6dB DC-20GHz SMA RF Coaxial Attenuator 6 May 2019
    A series of archive pieces related to our May issue. 
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  • Julia Buxton on Venezuela’s ongoing crisis

    7 March 2019
  • Laurent Bonelli on the yellow vests’ challenge to the elite

    8 February 2019
  • Akram Belkaid on North Africa’s leadership crisis

    8 January 2019
  • Sabine Cessou on Kenya’s grand digital ambitions

    7 December 2018
    0.5-1.75, 1-4, 6, 8, 10mm2 Crimping tool Pliers Crimping Cap Steel Cable Crimper
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